Thursday, May 2, 2019

Believe not the Con bots

The current Liberal government has been pursuing reasonable policies that seem to be working.

So why do some people think the federal Liberals have done a lousy job? Why on earth would anyone want to go back to the neocons? 

Do they want the kind of economic policy that shrinks the middle class even more and makes billionaires of CEOs.?!

Change takes time. 

The economic divide really took hold with the Reagan/Thatcher philosophy and since then we've been working in a siphon-up rather than trickle-down economy.

The extremely wealthy earn interest on our debts - that is their "work", their contribution. They reinvest not in business ventures that employ people but in machines that replace them or in stock options to bump up the bonus cheques. They enjoy lives of influence and easy privilege while the hardworking person is scared to complain about wages for fear of losing his or her job, defaulting on mortgage or rent, or payments for that big shiny new RAM truck. 

Still, so many hardworking people vote Conservative and continue to support the kind of economics that breaks their backs while cutting their social services and other public benefits. 

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