Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Society for the Promotion of Cosmological Literacy (Temporary Title)

I'm looking for like-minded folks interested in forming a society for the promotion of (materialist but non-reductionist) cosmological literacy. 

I'm inspired by some of the thoughts of Loren Eiseley, Stuart Kauffman, Manuel DeLanda but I'm sure there are others you may know that I haven't yet encountered. 

We'd arrange high level talks across the Canada or even internationally on history/anthropology/economics/ecology/religion/various sciences and related themes to promote that. The aim would be to get us past the idea of human beings as nature-transcending while realizing that, strangely, so many people today still live under the "firmament".  We could also work to situate religious belief historically against a backdrop of paleontological and geological history (for lack of a better word). A better lived understanding of our relationship to nature and our impact on ecology is needed. 

I'm very uninterested in new age or creationist metaphysical theories based in the supposition of forces or entities based on a misunderstanding of complexity or quantum physics.  Equally uninterested in being part of anything that dismisses the existence of anything at all that can't be explained within the current understanding of laws-of-nature or assumes that there is only one fundamental layer of existence and that everything else is epi____. (e.g., Wilson and Weinberg). 

If interested, please reply.