Friday, November 11, 2016

Ideological Lag

Now is the time to let tribal emotions dissipate whether you belong to a tribe that calls itself progressive or a lone cowboy tribe. 

The thing to realize is that our economy sets the rules of how we cooperate (and has throughout history), because how we cooperate is how we work together to make and do stuff - any stuff - all stuff - ever. Those arrangements (personal or institutional) are eventually established in terms of our evolving levels of productive technology and patterns of trade.These things are thoroughly interconnected.

But there's usually a very uncomfortable lag between the implementation of an economically significant technology, our new working relationships that emerge out of the change, and the collective story that makes sense of it.

Meanwhile we don't need to succumb to the lamentation that "all we like sheep have gone astray" (perfectly apt irony today since sheep represent herd mentality while going astray is an individualistic motion - the individualistic herd). 

Being forward looking is very important. It's time to resist nostalgia for an imaginary "homeland" as we cannot afford to be tribal in a transnational economy and the last century in Europe should have taught us that. This is what we should remember today.

We just need to allow ourselves to risk thinking informed by wisdom and good purpose. 

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